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All of our services are based on an hourly rate, and each area has a different amount associated with it based on our expertise in that area. We also charge a service/consultation fee in order to compensate the homework we do prior to meeting with you initially. This includes researching your competitors, sketching out layout ideas and preparing sample layouts after our initial consultation.


Complete Care from start to finish

  • Design (or Re-design): Your website is your creative marketing tool to attract future clients and income. What do you want to portray? Who do you want to attract? What do you want to accomplish? Whether or not you have an already established color scheme or logo for your company, we will make it look current, organized and quick to read, so that your future clients take the step from browsing to contacting you for your services.
    • Initial Consultation - $50 fee
    • Graphic Design - $65 an hour
  • Develop: Taking your ideas and information and writing it in a language the internet speaks and can search or find once you have an idea of where you want to go, we will make it a highly functioning, useable, searchable marketing tool. Then you will have to decide what you want to advertise or how you want to populate your web space.
    • $100-$150 an hour
      (HTML/XHTML5, Web App Dev, JavaScript & jQuery, CSS3, CMS (Wordpress), SEO, etc.)
  • Deploy: Long before you are ready to make your site live to the public, you must decide what your web address will be, otherwise known as your domain name, and you must pay a company each year in order to keep your domain name. We do most of our domain name business through; unlike other web firms, we choose not to mark up anything or charge you any more than it actually costs us to build and maintain your website. When your website is finished it will be in a electronic file and that file will need to have a place to reside (a home) on the internet, we call this hosting and there is also a fee for this service. We like to use because of their customer service and low fees. Finally, you will need to update your website. We can do that for you or we can train you how to do it. In order for you to do it yourself, you will need a computer program. We suggest Adobe Contribute and we have successfully prepared interested clients to do what they need to do to keep their information up to date. We are prepared to give you all the responsibility at any point or we can complete the process for you.
    • Domain Name ($12.99 /year)
    • Hosting ($7.99 /month)
    • Content Management ($80 an hour pro-rated to the quarter-hour)